Monday, July 5, 2010

Eric Schaeffer

Eric Schaeffer (not to be confused with the film historian or theater director of the same name) attended Brattleboro Union High School in Vermont in the late 1970s where he impressed at least one classmate with his budding narcissism. In addition to being active in the school's theater program, the diminutive student also played on the basketball team. According to a 2000 New York Observer profile, Schaeffer also attended the Calhoun School and Columbia Preparatory School before going off to Bard College. At Bard, he earned a degree in drama and dance after which nine years of driving a cab in New York City awaited him. During this period, the energetic grad allegedly wrote two stage plays, a novel and twenty screenplays--all of which he seems hellbent on turning into awful movies.

The sins of Eric Schaeffer are too numerous to explore in one blog post, but most of them have been dutifully indexed by Gawker. However, if you are short on time, the trailer for his misbegotten film Fall, embedded below, tells you just about all you need to know...

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