Monday, June 21, 2010

James O'Keefe

James Edward O'Keefe III (aka the Acorn pimp guy) is the self-proclaimed "investigative journalist" and youthful ward of conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart. He graduated from Westwood High School in the township of Washington, New Jersey in 2002.

O'Keefe's intense, vaguely McVeigh-ish senior year portrait--complete with Nietzsche quote--are more than counterbalanced by other, cheerier photos in the yearbook. Indeed, the shots of the future activist reporter singing and dancing in the school's musical, Crazy for You, make the reader totally forget about Hitler's favorite philosopher. O'Keefe's early interest in the theater certainly helps to explain the pimp outfit (if not the duplicitous video editing).

Unfortunately for him and his fans, it appears that Mr. O'Keefe's career as a would-be muckraker has pretty much petered out. His "investigation" of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu's office's telephones (or something?) resulted in a misdemeanor conviction and a mild rebuke from Michelle Malkin - but no real story. O'Keefe's latest "scoop" concerns census workers and his "findings" helped land him and his primary benefactor, Mr. Breitbart, on Good Morning America. The host George Stephanopoulous, though, seemed to regret inviting them on approximately a minute into the interview.

Well, O'Keefe can always go back to his roots...


  1. Guess you look pretty dumb right about now, Bill. The guy is still showing how corrupt progressives are.

  2. well, he went mainstream. guess we have to wait 40 more years till all a bunch of ladies get together and say he looked at them wrong.