Saturday, June 5, 2010

Antonin Scalia

Antonin Gregory Scalia graduated first in his class from St. Francis Xavier High School, a Jesuit military academy, in Manhattan in 1953. In 1957 Scalia was valedictorian at Georgetown University. In 1960 he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. He was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan in 1986 and confirmed by the Senate in a 98-0 vote.

Scalia went on to distinguish himself as the court's most voluble right-wing justice. Some critics consider his behavior on and off the bench as bullying. In 2004 Scalia found himself obligated to apologize to two Mississippi journalists who had had their tape recorders seized from them during one of the justice's speeches. The tapes of the speech had been erased causing an uproar among freedom of the press advocates.
Scalia is also known for being Clarence Thomas's main influence on the court and for being a scar-free hunting buddy of Dick Cheney's.

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