Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bill Clinton and Friends

Before becoming a right-wing obsession and a two-term president of the United States, Bill Clinton attended Hot Springs (Arkansas) High School, graduating in 1964. At Hot Springs High, Clinton was active in student government and band. The hot-tempered, hot-blooded Clinton succumbed to the thong-flashing charms of White House Intern Monica Lewinsky in late 1995, commencing an intimate relationship that lasted until March of 1997. Clinton's infidelity and the Republican zeal to exploit it led to the government-funded porno novel known as The Starr Report...and his impeachment. Clinton, of course, survived the partisan attempt to remove him from office and maintained high approval ratings throughout the crisis. But did his indiscretions with Lewinsky wind up costing Al Gore the election in 2000? Maybe. Gore's awful campaign (he lost his home state of Tennessee) and his refusal to deploy the still-popular Clinton to key southern states contributed to the historic loss.

Out of the ashes of the Lewinsky saga rose Hillary Clinton's political career (some argue that without the sympathy generated by her husband's affair, there would be no career).

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