Monday, May 31, 2010

Jeffrey Dahmer

Serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer (1960-1994) graduated from Revere High School in Bath, Ohio in 1978. On page 145 of the school's Minuteman yearbook, the following text appears on the right side: "JEFF DAHMER: Band 1; Lantern 3; Tennis Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Ohio State Univ. (Business)..."

In The Jeffrey Dahmer Story author Don Davis depicts Dahmer as a prankish drunk at Revere who was shy around girls. So well-known were the future murderer's gags that classmates referred to generally outrageous behavior as "Doing a Dahmer." During the senior class trip to Washington, D.C. Davis writes that Dahmer finessed a group invitation to Vice President Walter Mondale's office (Mondale was not present for the students' visit).

After promising 16-year-old Bridget Geiger that he would not act weird or get drunk, the young woman consented to be Dahmer's senior class prom date. Dahmer eschewed wearing a tuxedo for the event and instead wore dark pants, a vest and a western style bow tie. He wound up disappearing from the dance for about an hour and was not re-admitted by school staff because he was thought to have alchoholic beverages on his person. Dahmer and Bridget and two others finished off the evening at a nearby pub. Geiger had one more date with Dahmer after which she did not hear of him again until 1991 when he was arrested in Milwaukee.

Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted on 15 counts of murder in 1992 and sentenced to 15 life terms. In prison his favorite television show was NYPD Blue. On November 28, 1994 Dahmer was bludgeoned to death by a fellow inmate named Christopher Scarver. Dahmer's body was cremated thirteen months after his death and his ashes were shared between his parents. 

In 2002 the film Dahmer starring Jeremy Renner (later Oscar nominated for The Hurt Locker) in the lead role was released.

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